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As the online industry continues to grow the Internet has opened up limitless possibilities for entrepreneurs, and with the current financial crisis taking the wind out of the sails of many entrepreneurs & innovators, they are turning to the Internet to get “investors” to help fund their ideas / projects. It’s literally turning the banking and venture capitalist industry on its head as the Internet allows anyone to bypass the corporations and pledge or ask for money directly from the investors, crowd funding websites or groups of people who are interested in financing new or existing business ventures.

We are currently in the process of developing a new platform that will allow  entrepreneurs to connect directly with investors, manufacturers, mobile app / software developers, hardware engineers, programmers and other companies who are interested in connecting with great entrepreneurial minds who have that entrepreneurial spark!

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for funding, or simply want to connect with likeminded people who can help launch your business idea – Then join our network of entrepreneurial spirits from all around the world and locally here in the UK.

Surround Yourself With Good ‘Genuine’ People And Great Things Will Happen – Barry Garner

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